Steve stood frozen as the horrifying scene played out before him. Try as he might he couldn’t move a single muscle. The witch was paralyzing his body forcing him to watch as she took a sharp rock and slit her own wrist. He saw Jenna look at the blood oozing out with intense focus.  Bile began to work it’s way up his throat as he saw Jenna take the witch’s arm and began to greedily suck the blood that was trickling down.

When the witch decided that Jenna had her fill she threw her to the ground. With a loud thump she landed in the dirt.

“Jenna…it‘s gonna be okay” A voice whispered. He tried to turn his head and look but it was to no avail.

Finally he regained the motion in his body only to be frozen again. This time by his own fear as Jenna looked up at him. Her once innocent loving eyes now looked like ones of demons.

Steve wanted to stay. This was the love of his life. But instead he found his feet walking him in the other direction. No looking back, he repeated like a mantra in his mind.

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